Chateau Seven Massage Therapy

Chateau Seven is a private massage studio located on East Capitol Street in Washington DC. I work with people of all ages, genders, lifestyle orientations and political party affiliations. Some of my clients are healthy and hearty, but I also treat people with an array of ailments and challenging physical situations. I schedule clients with spaciousness which means no one has to feel rushed in any part of a session. Typically I spend a few minutes talking to clients before they get on the table, not only because I need to hear what's going on in order to design the most effective session, but also to make sure the client and I connect energetically. Once we're in synch, the work is far more likely to fulfill the client's needs. Don't ask me how it helps to be on a wavelength; I can't explain it, but it does.

I work weekdays and some weekends, but do not work in the evening.

The studio is a cozy, sweet, healing and welcoming space. It is a five minute walk from the Eastern Market metro, also directly accessible by Metro bus lines 96 and 97. For clients with mobility problems, it's good to know there are only four stairs leading to the studio.

Feel free to leave a comment, locate me on Facebook, call or text 202-246-6863.

Be well. Peace.