Practice Policies

THE STANDARD 24-HOUR CANCELLATION PERIOD: I need twenty-four hours notice for changes in appointments. If you aren't able to provide a day's notice, I will ask you to pay for the missed session. Exceptions to this include emergencies or times when you or your children are sick.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Please be on time. If you're going to be late, please give a call, 202 246 6863. Thanks.

WHEN YOU'RE SICK: When you're sick, please call to reschedule your appointment as soon as you develop symptoms, unless you would like to come for a session of Reiki. When you have a fever, sore throat, congestion or headache not due to allergies, or when your stomach hurts, massage will most likely be uncomfortable. During the early stages of a cold or the flu, the body's immune system is working hard to defeat the offending virus. Receiving a vigorous massage puts a strain on the lymph system, compromising its ability to fight off the illness. I will not ask you to pay for a missed appointment due to illness. Please respect the fact that when you can't come for massage, there is no way for me to make up the lost income unless I have sufficient notice.

FAMILY APPOINTMENTS: If I work with more than one member of your family, it's totally cool to send another family member if you don't have time or don't feel the need to come for a session, or when you know they need it more than you do. If you need to cancel your session but no one in your family can come, please call me to reschedule. Please do not give your appointment to someone outside your family. Thank you!

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Of course. The recipients of your generous gift have a year in which to schedule their appointments. At the end of a year, the certificate will no longer be valid. I do not refund gift certificates. Massage is a wonderful gift!

FEE: The per session fee is $100. Tips in addition to this amount are never required or expected. I mean it. Cash and checks, please. I'm not yet able to accept credit cards.

CLIENT PRIVACY: I will not share your information with anyone except when I'm legally required to do so. The only exception would be if I'm working collaboratively with another health care professional who is also seeing you. I will only exchange information if you specifically give your permission to do so.

LIAISONS: I believe everyone can benefit from numerous approaches to good health. I have relationships with practitioners of many other modalities, both traditional and complementary. I offer these resources as a courtesy.