Saturday, October 1, 2011

Intuition Training, the Games

A porthole window at a community garden. Very cool.

We start by guessing. Those of us who want to tap into the intuitive function (the birthright of every one of our species) begin by guessing. When the phone rings, before you look at the caller ID, ask yourself, "Who is that calling?" Rather than going straight to your rational function which will figure out the probabilities of who might be calling, pay attention to your body, are you relaxed? Did you tense slightly when the phone rang? Did you want to answer quickly or let it go to VM? Notice your reaction to the ringing. Then guess who it is, or ask yourself, "Is this someone I want to talk to?" See what comes into your mind.

Of course by that time the call will have rolled over to VM. I hope it wasn't important! Yikes.

Little games like this are harmless; you aren't in a court of law after all, and if you guess wrong, who cares? The thing is, these intuition games help you sharpen your sixth sense. I think about wine officiandos. When they taste wine they talk about floral, earthy, leather, smoothness, citrus tones (whatever that is!), a "long finish" (huh?), etc. What are they talking about? Mostly when I taste wine the best I can do is "I like it," or "I don't like it." But those who taste, pay attention, taste again, eventually hone their palates, sharpen the sense of smell and taste to a poetic high art.

One thing wine people do, to learn about wine, is blind taste, then guess - grape, vineyard, vintage. After awhile, they get really good at accurately identifying even obscure wines. I bet the maps in their brains for taste and smell are huge.

Likewise, those who work with intuition must have monumental brain maps for sensing the subtle energies. I wonder what my brain looks like in that regard? Kind of fun, kind of creepy, to think about.

What am I saying? Just like anything else, reconnecting to your intuition takes practice. It also takes a light touch. Start by guessing about the phone calls, when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. Use your physical sensation as a basis for the guess. See what happens. Have a little chuckle when you guess way wrong, hey?

Integrating the intuitive function leads to wholeness, hence good health. I could go on and on with more exercises. Should I?

Happy Saturday. Shalom.


Kerry said...

I love that photo.

We still don't have caller ID on our land line, and I've been thinking about getting it for the past 2 weeks. Not sure why. Maybe b/c I feel my cell phone has it? I don't know, because truthfully, intuition works 90% of the time.

Val said...

so often the phone rings just after you have been thinking of someone too. its so normal. yes please more exercises x

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, more exercises. Intuition is such a useful skill.