Monday, March 18, 2013

Comings and Goings

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People say prostitution is the oldest profession. I disagree. Shamanism is the oldest profession. Want to bet? Within shamanism, I would further bet that soul retrieval is the oldest healing technique. (The laying on of hands is definitely as old or older, but not specifically shamanic.)

According to my cosmology, the soul is multi-faceted. Bits of soul regularly travel away from the body, to explore, wander, learn, also in circumstances that render the body an uncomfortable home for said soul bit. Accidents, injuries, disease and other traumas can be discouraging to the soul which, according to everything I've ever read, will vamoose the body promptly in these kinds of situations. What we call shock is a perfect example of a moment of soul loss. When the danger has passed and the person's injuries have been attended to, the soul is likely to come back on its own.

Sometimes a part of the soul wanders too far afield, or gets stuck in some other realm. Those who suffer from a prolonged bout of soullessness are just as you would expect: vacant, blank, depressed or spaced out, or all of the above. Likewise people in comas as well as those with dementias are missing large pieces of their souls.

For perhaps 100,000 years, when that happens, a shaman is called in to find the missing bit, bring it back to what we call reality, and help it settle back into the correct body.

If you're making a face, please remember that our society is an anomaly in terms of human history. From the north pole to the south pole, throughout our history, there have always been shamans among us, retrieving our souls. For those who would dismiss even the idea of soul retrieval, may I say: you're the exception, not the rule. No offense.

Soul retrieval does not necessarily involve a shaman banging on a drum, dancing around all night. Even in my uber-rational society, we go about the business of soul retrieval every day. We just don't call it that. We call it psychotherapy or acupuncture. We come across an old picture, or listen to a piece of music that triggers a flood of memories from a former era in life. That flood of memories is a soul bit returning to the fold. It is, believe me. A weekend at the beach, a meeting with an old friend you haven't seen in awhile, or an encounter with beauty can function as a soul retrieval.

A part of soul retrieval involves making the body a calm, peaceful place in which to reside, hence meditation, yoga, t'ai chi, a session of Reiki, a rhythmic therapeutic massage or a nice long walk on a beautiful day, can lay the foundation for return.

I used to wonder why bits of soul take off so often, and so universally.

Why is not that important, and in many cases beyond our comprehension anyway. What's important about soul retrieval is this: when parts of us are missing, we are not whole. Wholeness allows us to fully experience the precious existence of life lived in a human body. I'm good with my souls traveling around a bit, bringing back inspiration, ideas and challenges, but at the end of the day, I want to return to wholeness. I wish to be, as often as possible, whole hearted, whole souled. Don't you?

Life is good and I am grateful. Shalom.

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