Saturday, August 13, 2011

Healing Visualizations: Cancer

Cancer, the big C, the awful, unimaginable diagnosis. I work with many people who have, or have had, cancer. It's complicated and it is serious, requiring a fierce response. Yes there is a genetic component, also an environmental component. Lifestyle? I'm not sure. Smoking definitely makes one's lungs weaker, but does it CAUSE lung cancer? I'm not convinced - since there are many many many people who smoke like chimneys all their lives yet never develop cancer.

I had a friend who died from cancer. He lived well, he did EVERYTHING you're supposed to do to be healthy. From long before his diagnosis, he ate whole, organic foods, exercised, meditated, had a relationship with the divine. He was married to a wonderful woman with whom he had an ongoing, fully realized, happy relationship. After his diagnosis, he did EVERYTHING he could to slow or stop the cancer in his pancreas. He endured horrible chemotherapy, had acupuncture, did very specific visualizations and hypnotherapy. He kept up his spirits and was hopeful. But he still died rather soon after his diagnosis.

The reason I'm telling the story here is because with cancer, I do not blame the victim, not ever. It is no one's fault. Also I think we have no control over this terrible disease. I wish we did. Maybe at some point we will.

Whether or not you've been feeling under the weather, or had a suspicion that something wasn't quite right, or if you felt perfectly fine, the truth is, something motivated you to see the doctor. No matter what that motivation was, it's not possible to be prepared for the moment when the doctor delivers the news. No matter who you are, no matter what guided you to the moment of diagnosis, hearing that word will pull the rug out from under you. The diagnosis puts people into shock.

I would like to suggest that should you or someone you love receive this diagnosis, take some time to let it sink in. Depending on what kind of cancer, also on the personality of your doctor, you might be urged to begin straightaway considering what kind of treatment to pursue. Please give yourself at least twenty-four hours after the diagnosis before you make those kinds of decisions. Be gentle with yourself. Go home and take care of yourself, just for a day or so, let the shock that accompanies the news settle down. If you give yourself time, you will make better decisions about treatment.

Visualization immediately following diagnosis

Imagine yourself floating on a soft, large cloud. This cloud can be white or any color you really love. The cloud is soft, yet holds you securely. As you float, allow yourself to be gently rocked back and forth (imagine the feeling of being gently rocked). Return to this visualization as much as you can during the first twenty-four hours after diagnosis.

Affirmations following diagnosis

When the shock has settled, let the cloud dissipate, come back into your usual state of awareness. Important decisions about treatment must be made; it's time to locate your strength and determination. You can do it!

Look at yourself in the mirror, make eye contact. Say in a loud voice, as if you mean it, "I'm going to make it." Say it until you believe it. Tell yourself other things, give yourself encouragement, i.e. "I'm strong and determined." "My head is clear, I will make good decisions." You get the idea.


I wish for anyone reading this that the above does not apply to your situation or to the situation of anyone you love. I see a lot of people with cancer, which is why I've had the wherewithall to create these visualizations. Tomorrow I'll write about visualizations during treatment.

Be well, please! Shalom.

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