Sunday, January 8, 2012

Soften, release and move onwards, yes?

According to Mr. Webster, a grudge is: A feeling of deep seated resentmentment or ill will.

A grudge is a kind of stuckness, it's a form of energetic scar tissue that congeals around an event or events. Initially, a grudge protects an emotional wound, like a band aid or scab, but over time actually prevents healing. Grudges held over time become rock solid and impenetrable. Sometimes these grudges crystallize into huge formations in which entire clans and even larger groups of people become mired, frozen, paralyzed within the paradigm. Hatfields vs. McCoys, Montagues vs. Capulets, Republicans vs. Democrats, etc.

Grudges take a lot of energy. They bind energy for everyone involved. Ironically they bind the grudger very tightly to the grudgee. Over time, they are literally exhausting, and may I say, absurd. The bitterness that accompanies a grudge can make you sick as a dog, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's really not worth the effort. Should say also that grudges are neither noble nor valiant, or a sign of loyalty.

Are you holding any grudges right now? My advice: forgive and forget. Let it go.

May the knots loosen, may you release whatever it is you might be holding against someone or someones, may you claim all your energy for more interesting, productive, creative endeavors. May it be so!



Jo said...

Great definition, and great advice. As I grow older, I find myself to be more protective of my energy and more discerning as to where to place it.

There seems to be nothing gained by alloting one tiny calorie (in the metric unit of energy sense) toward sustaining a grudge. I simply won't engage in that type of energy sinkhole.

Your photo of the gnarled tree is so apt!

Kerry said...

I do try, consciously, not to bear grudges.

Jo is right. Your photo is perfect, but then you always have a good reason for choosing the pictures that you do.

Reya Mellicker said...

Jo - yes, we are on a wavelength here.

Kerry I choose the pics randomly. Sometimesmwhenpeople point out the parallels between image and words, I'm shocked. Very cool, totally unconscious.