Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fierce and Beautiful is Human Immunity

It's mind boggling to realize how many disorders and diseases begin with "flu-like symptoms."

Here's a bit from the wikipedia page on Influenza-like symptoms:

Infectious diseases causing influenza-like symptoms include malaria, acute HIV infection, herpes, hepatitis C, Lyme disease, rabies, myocarditis, Q fever, dengue fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, poliomyelitis, leukemia and many others.

Good lord!

Flu-like symptoms are the rallying cry of the human immune system, kicking itself into gear to face a perceived threat. It's not the virus or the disease that makes you cough, throw up, or get feverish, it's your immune system. It's almost freaky how powerful it is - or can be, I should say.

Here is a link to an excellent article from this week's New Yorker about treating cancer with immunity boosting drugs. It's very exciting. Turning away from the established protocols of chemotherapy and radiation - both of which damage immunity - is a step closer to the true cure, if indeed there is one.

If you're reading this, you already know how to build strong immunity: eat well, get enough sleep, move around, drink water, have fun, find inspiration, do good work, learn how to relax. You know how, but perhaps have not realized how crucial good immunity is. Cutting edge theory about cancer these days imagines many of us developing cancers that our magnificent immune systems control or destroy. Some researchers believe that the tiny calcium deposits routinely found in body scans reflect the fossilized remnants of a cancer that was vamoosed by the immune system. You didn't even know, but your immune system did. Wow.

Not that fighting cancer by boosting immunity is any fun. Think of the worst flu you've ever had and triple the intensity of the symptoms. But the thing is: it works! I should say it works for many people. Nothing works for everyone.

At last we are turning away from the idea that almost killing people with extremely poisonous drugs is the way to fight a disease that already renders them greatly weakened. I am so glad that the people who research these things are recognizing how formidable human immunity is.

Yes, yes and YES. May your mind and heart be peaceful, may your immune function be fierce and alert. May it be so. Shalom.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Great news.
I never thought about the whole flu like symptoms but you are so right, always hearing that.
I've been working on building up my immune system for the past couple years. I think I'm finally getting somewhere :)
Who knows what the poor thing has been fighting off all this time without me even knowing it.

X said...

While T cells are the supermen of the immune system, keep your eyes open for dendritic cells to make the immune system more active. Here is wiki's take on them:

In Germany, within an hour of treatment with biophotons and ozone I felt like a truck hit me; I had flu-like symptoms out the yin-yang: headache, body aches, nausea, stomach pain, fevers, chills, etc. Wow.

What I envisioned was the light broke up the DNA of the lyme and co-infections and parasites. It broke them into hyphens that could pass through the cell walls into my blood stream and eventually out of my body.

Before that they were hiding within my red blood cells from the dentrites and T-cells.

I think light entered my body and talked to my immune system and made those cells fierce, and at least subjectively beautiful. As the immune system works, it destroys a lot of bad stuff and that bad stuff takes a while to leave the body.

The best thing we did was to hang out in the thermal baths for hours, taking plunges into cold water, doing water aerobics classes and steam baths and saunas until we had sweat all the toxins away.

The immune system will work at identifying and killing the pathogens of cancer, AIDS, lyme, parasites and various viruses if it has what it needs. Some people need more sleep and Vitamin D, some people need their immune cells to be able to find the pathogen that masks itself in other cells clothing.

I know in every cell of my body that if you can turn the immunity system in a diseased body back on it will cure itself. If you provide the fecal bacteria to a gut damaged by antibiotics it will heal itself.

The human body just wants to be healthy. You are so right the immune system is fierce and beautiful. Much like people at their best.

Reya Mellicker said...

A calm and peaceful heart/mind and a fierce, beautiful immune system. Without the calm, everything goes out of balance.