Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gotta Dance

I love watching old movies in which the characters go out to nightclubs. They dress up, have a cocktail, then dance to live music. Oh man, those were the days! Of course they are always smoking a million cigarettes and guzzling so much hard liquor you wonder how they can walk and chew gum at the same time. I guess not everything about the good old days was good. One thing that was good is that people danced.

Do people still go out dancing? I am so out of the loop. I remember the disco balls, frizzy hair and heavy beat of disco music, I remember the mosh pits from the punk years. I loved square dancing in middle school every bit as much as I enjoyed twirling around during the psychedelic era to the Jefferson Airplane. The swing dance era came and went, yes? I have always wanted to have a summer solstice party during which everyone dances at some point. Dancing can be ecstatic. Dancing enhances health.

I often hear people say they're going to hear live music but I don't hear people say they're going out to dance anymore. Perhaps they do. I hope so!

Dancing is great for the brain, the body, and the spirit. Whether people dance formally, i.e. take classes, perform, etc. or just dance around the living room, this essential human activity brings joy to almost everyone. Dancing is fun. It is also great exercise and a wonderful way to connect with others.

May I suggest that sometime today you turn on the music that gets your body swaying, or at least gets your toes tapping. Stand up, begin to move with the rhythms and melodies. Let yourself go - do the twist, the cha-cha, pirouette, dance a stately waltz with your partner of choice or just with yourself - and then tell me you don't feel vivified, enlivened.

Dance and you will smile, I guarantee it.


Jo said...

Impossible to watch this without smiling!

Whenever you hear me talk about hearing "live music" you can bet I'm dancing!

Of course, I dance to Musak, too. How can one stand still in the presence of music? Let go and just dance! ♥

Reya Mellicker said...

Hey I KNOW you know the powers of dance. Oh man you could write a book about it. Hell yeah!

libramoon said...

I hope you don't mind that I sent this post to The Healing Dance Network:

Healing Dance Network - a web between the various healing dance studies,
theories, practitioners and proponents through which to find, share and
expand knowledge and understanding into the possibilities and realities of
healing through dance. I am hoping you will let us know about your own
search and findings and how we might work together to bring our learning


Reya Mellicker said...

I think it's great, Laurie. Thanka

Val said...

dancing can be fun for sure - i think i lost the mojo for it though; perhaps i can find it again; dancing and singing are both terrific for the vitality.