Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Course in Shamanic Healing Techniques

I'll be offering a course in shamanic healing technique this summer in Washington DC. It's a weekend course. Below is an outline and a description of criteria in case you're interested. I have also posted this information on Facebook. It's posted as a note and is public. If you're interested, leave a comment here or PM on Facebook. 

May you sail smoothly through today's eclipse and may your dreams and wishes come true. Shalom.

Saturday: Shamanic Healing Techniques, July 20, 9:00-5:00
Sunday: Soul Retrieval, July 21, 9:00-5:00

The fee for each course is $100. Saturday's class is a prerequisite for Soul Retrieval, but if you're uninterested in that, feel free to sign up for Saturday only.

This course is designed for people who have well developed self awareness, through psychotherapy or other paths to self knowledge, such as a long-term practice of meditation or prayer, or persistent and honest journaling. These are only examples. Please do not be afraid to look at yourself honestly, with compassion and humor.

To get anything from this work, you will be well acquainted with your personal energy field. Yoga, meditation, T'ai Chi, chakra work. chanting, praying, mindfulness and many other practices bring an increased awareness of the field.

Please have experience with trance journeying. If you have ever listened to a guided meditation, you have the necessary experience.

If you can show me the periphery of your field and describe it (name the color(s), shapes, textures and/or sounds that are typical of the sea of energy around you), you'll do well in this course. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is not for you.

The techniques work for humans, animals and the green world. 

Saturday morning, individual work. KNOW THYSELF.

1. Cultivating Accuracy. The exercises will help us:
. Identify personal filters that interfere with incoming impressions.
. Interrupt habits and assumptions. In this way we're able to open to fresh perspectives.
. Develop a handful of ways to receive impressions through the senses.
. Temporarily unravel the habit of creating stories.
. A couple of ways to avoid ambition, judgment and agendas.

2. Generating the Therapeutic Field. 
. Identifying therapeutic qualities.
. Infusing the aura with these qualities.
. Owning the room.
. Generating the field, expanding to fill the space.

Saturday afternoon, working with a partner. LEARN SOMETHING YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW.

1. Receiving impressions. 
. Well groomed energy and the therapeutic field.
. Including the partner in the therapeutic field.
. Stop, look and listen.
. Does it merit attention? Does it resonate?
. Wait for it.

2. Healing techniques
. Witnessing, mindful listening.
. The dance.
. Laying on of hands.
. Extractions.

3. After care - what to do after a session.

4. Ethical considerations.

Sunday: Soul Retrieval

There are shamans out there who will go to the underworld and fight demons to gain possession of parts of the soul that were lost during intense trauma. This is the kind of work done by shamans such as Michael Harner. It's powerful and healing, and can be challenging since bringing back a major hunk of missing soul often requires an extended period of re-integration. That is not what this technique is about.

This is a method for bringing back to the roost (as it were) the minor bits that wander off, sometimes for no discernible reason. We'll go after the jigsaw puzzle piece that somehow got lost under the coffee table, rather than the great treasure chest of personal wisdom that was stolen by demons or vanished during crises and times of great duress.

We will learn the technique, then assist each other in regaining one lost piece of soul.

. Anchor to the Pole Star.
. "Bungee jump" to the under world.
. Retrieve soul bit.
. Rebound to upper world; purification of the recovered soul.
. Return from trance journey.
. Ensoulment of the recovered, purified soul bit to the body/being of the receiver.
. Blessing the work.
. Completing the session.
. After care for both people.


Anonymous said...

I could be interested, depending on scheduling constraints. Any idea yet about dates?

Reya Mellicker said...

My weekend schedule this summer is flexible. I'll definitely let you know what works for people. Do you have a preference? Email or find me on FB? xx

E said...

This sounds very intriguing. Count me in. I'll send email with date preferences, as I'd be disappointed to have it be a weekend when I'm on travel.

Reya Mellicker said...

Since it was your idea, E, I will schedule around your travel plans.