Saturday, May 25, 2013

Does it work?

My acupuncturist told me a group of neurologists arranged to meet with him. They were exploring what is called, in modern medicine, "alternative" approaches for people with chronic headaches.

I could get into a whole thing about the marketing mind that came up with the idea that modern medicine is the central pillar of healing while all other approaches are alternative, but I will save that rant for another day.

One thing the neurologists asked my acupuncturist was, "Does it work?" Evan said, "Well, that's like asking if fishing works. It works if there are fish, if the fisherman knows what he's doing, if he uses the right bait. It works if the fish are biting."

I wonder what the neurologists made of that.

When a fisherman has had a bad day, no one ever concludes that fishing doesn't work. For heaven's sake. Yet this is the mindset of modern medicine: does it work? It's a tight tunnel of vision that distorts the idea of healing and creates a kind of blindness in those who believe only in science based medicine. In fact, modern medicine does not work for everyone or every condition which explains why the neurologists agreed to meet a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Though the modern medical approach to treating various diseases has been carefully designed to be consistent, the truth is, everyone responds differently. Does modern medicine work? You tell me.

I'm working on a course I'll be teaching the weekend of July 20-21st in Washington DC. The first day will be a training in shamanic healing techniques. On Sunday I'll teach a simple form of soul retrieval. You can sign up for the first day only if you're not interested in soul retrieval. The Saturday class is a prerequisite for the soul retrieval training.

Here's a link to information about the class. If you're interested, contact me on Facebook or leave a comment here. I'll turn on comment moderation so your email address and/or phone number will remain private.

You might wonder about shamanic healing, what I mean by that. You can learn more about my approach by clicking on the link above. Also, I'm going to write a lot more about what I mean by shamanic healing techniques in the days ahead. You could google shamanic healing - I did - but most of what you'll find doesn't in any way square up with what I've been taught or the way in which I practice. I'll write more, but I'll also try to find links to reputable sources about this most ancient human art.

You might wonder, does shamanic healing work?

Hmmm. Does fishing work? Only if the fisherman knows what he's doing. If you'd like to learn a little bit about the oldest healing profession, if you have some background in trance/journeying/meditation, and know more than a little bit about your psychology, join us.

I'm looking forward to the chance to share a little bit about the world's oldest art.

May you be well. Shalom.

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