Friday, September 16, 2011

Keep it honest, Reya

I'm a little bit under the weather today. I love that expression; it's quite perfect since yesterday a big autumnal front moved through Washington DC. The air is 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday, crisper. It smells like fall. It happened fast!

I'm feeling the shock of the change throughout my body, which means I'm not quite up to what I think of as "healthy," but neither am I sick. It's not always a black and white situation, you know. I don't have a fever, am not particularly congested or headachey. My stomach is unhappy but not all the way to queasy. I'm lethargic, but not bed ridden.

You could probably, if you tried hard enough, find some trace of a virus in my blood that could be blamed for today's malaise. I don't know - sometimes I think perhaps our tendency to always turn to the vast family tree of viruses and bacteria for answers is too simplistic. The truth is there are zillions of different viruses and bacteria at work on us at all times. Sometimes we react, i.e. get a cold, but sometimes we have no symptoms at all. The presence of the virus is not the definitive aspect, is it? The weather front knocked me off balance, just a little bit. Yep.

It has been interesting today to notice how I resist all my own best advice in terms of cutting myself the slack to simply take a day of rest. Only because I'm constantly pontificating here have I felt compelled to drink water, dress warmly, sit around and read all day. I took a short walk, not too fast. Fresh air is always a good idea, but otherwise, I'm walking my talk.

Be well, y'all. Shalom.

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