Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reiki, Level III

The Spiritual Medicine of Many Illnesses
Usui Reiki method to change your mind and body for the better

In the morning and at night, with hands held in prayer,
think this in your mind, chant this with your mouth:

For today only, do not anger, do not worry.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to all people.

Mikao Usui
Founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho
(8/15/1862 - 3/9/1926)

Is Reiki ancient, re-discovered by Dr. Usui? Or is it something unique that came through him that day up on the mountain after his long retreat? Of course everyone has an opinion, but no one can say for sure where Reiki came from. It's a mystery!

I, too, have an opinion which is that there's nothing new under the sun. The laying on of hands is so ancient, it's kind of ridiculous to imagine any one person invented or discovered it. Healing touch is instinctual. Looked at from that perspective, what Dr. Usui channeled is literally as old as the hills. Even so, I believe his system, which involves the use of symbols that give shape and layers of meaning to the energy, lends a very particular quality to the work, one that works really well!

After I completed Level II training in Reiki, I believed I had a good idea of what it was for and how to use it. I knew some of it was mysterious, but I thought I had a grip on the general idea. I carried on this way, a Big Expert, for a number of years.

Then I traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to receive the Reiki Master degree. Below is the picture I took moments after that attunement, when, in wonder I stumbled outside. Wonder became awe as I gazed at the sky. You can not make this stuff up!

I believe in that moment Reiki mastered me, as it should be. From then on, I understood that no one has a grip on Reiki, nope, no way, not Dr. Usui, not Mrs. Takata, none of them controlled Reiki, nor do I. It is a flow, it moves. When it moves, Something Happens. Don't ask me what! I know I promised I would write about a session of Reiki today, but honestly there are no words I can find to describe the experience. Have a full session of Reiki, please, then maybe you can write accurately about it.

Hence I turn to the very simple principles of Reiki, above. There's wisdom in them there words, there really is. Perhaps all I need to say about Reiki is that it helps cultivate these principles, one day at a time. I wish I could say more!

Have a peaceful day free of anger and worry. Yes? I say yes. Enjoy! Shalom.


Jo said...

What a beautiful series on Reiki. The prayer/verse/meditation on this one is simply exquisite.

Thank you for sharing your experience along with the stunning photos!

Reya Mellicker said...

You are VERY welcome!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

That sky spoke wonders.
You ooze healing energy.
I've always thought my daughter had healing hands and was shocked when she changed from medicine to law. Silly me thinking I knew the right path for someone else, still wondering where mine might lead :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Meghan might get back to it later on in life. You never know!

The Bug said...

Asheville is one of my favorite places - I worked downtown for 5 years while Mike was getting his master's degree at Western Carolina.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dana! Really?

The Bug said...

Yep - I worked in the building in which Walt Disney once had an office. Near the courthouse - which is where most of the festivals would be so I could look out my window at the revelry AND get festival food for lunch.

Kerry said...

I admit that I first came across the word "Reiki" in your profile (quite awhile ago), and when I googled it I didn't understand the descriptions very well. So it's very interesting to read your own take on it. It sounds very tranquil, beautiful, and empowering. A great way to start each day.

Reya Mellicker said...

Kerry it isn't always tranquil, not at all. Sometimes the person receiving Reiki flops around on the table like a fish out of water. It can be crazy. It can be anything, but it always ends well.

Kerry said...

Holy cow.