Sunday, December 25, 2011

Winding down from the holiday season

Happy Christmas!

As the holiday feast season draws to a close, many of us turn our minds to the year ahead. We begin to think seriously about what we wish to manifest, which leads, not always but often, to the practice of making new year's resolutions. There's nothing wrong with resolve to make positive changes but may I remind you that since Thanksgiving, you (if you're like most of us) have metabolized a whole lot more sugar than at any other time of the year. You have periodically gone overboard in terms of liquor, caffeine, rich food and behavior. Right about now, most of us realize, at least unconsciously, that the days of feasting, boasting, brawling and toasting are about to end. The prospect of detoxing from all that puts some us into a rather harsh state of mind.

I believe in the U.S., New Year's Day is our secular Yom Kippur - a day of atonement. It could also be seen as secular Ash Wednesday. Following the carnival of the holiday season, we start diets, exercise programs, we make solemn vows that we'll never eat-drink-party-shop-argue that much ever again.

Same as it ever was, yes? This year when New Year's Day rolls around, be gentle with yourself. The holiday season is taxing for nearly everyone. It is a sacred drama intrinsic to the way we human beings have always entered winter. Indeed.


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